Around 20 years ago I started using Smart Home with own applications. I was employed at manufacturer, who is a co-founder of the EIB (European Installation Bus). During this time I obtained the EIB certification. Through further development the EIB became the KNX.
At that time, the EIB / KNX was relatively expensive, so I realized first smart home functions with the ELV system FS20. Because FS20 hardly met any security standards, functions in the KNX were added quite quickly and the integration took place, merging of different systems.
Over the years, the smart home was continuously expanded. Others, especially radio systems, have been developed to international standards and the range of functions has increased significantly.

Since 2004 I have been self-employed as independent engineer consultant and industrial clerk. The main focus is on the sale of these systems and technologies, but also on support to foreign system integrators.
Thus a very extensive knowledge and experience from different projects and systems has accumulated. Now the selection of smart home systems on the market is hardly manageable. Many manufacturers of electrical products are offering some of their devices with interfaces or their own applications for control, or even if it's just APP-controlled. You have to be very interested and spent enough time to keep updated with developments.

By all these applications and functions control via the WEB application is very important, so that I also turned more and more to these tasks. This means that there are further options for system integration or for the creation of visualizations (monitoring and control) the smart home systems.
All in all, I don't offer a product sales platform. You choose your own products. Everyone has their own focus, which is important to them. I can advise you with my experience on the selection or support you to put systems into operation as well as for a desired integration.

My WEB pages should give you recommendations what to look out for in smart homes. Although my view is that of a telecommunications engineer, this is not a knowledge data base about the smart home. Please note, different organizations and educational institutions sometimes have different points of view and assessments.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me: uwe(at)house-bus-systems(dot)com