Open system – if the data transmission protocols are known and you have access to the system, it is an open system. But experience shows that not all manufacturers are accurate and follow to the standards of the systems. In order not to allow other manufacturers' errors on their products, certain authentication procedures can be used to prevent access. Some a manufacturer uses a standard, does not disclose it, and due to restrictions it is then offered as a separate system. Basically, open ones can always be connected to each other. Necessary adjustments are made in the gateway. This is used very often, especially in specialized systems - such as in lighting control with DALI or DMX. 

Closed system – if the protocols of the data transfer are not known. In some cases, a device connection can be emulated, which is not a complete integration. Another possibility is the binary connection (mechanical e.g. relay contact), whereby only switching states can be transferred. An only apparent integration is the combination of user interfaces or control surfaces, whether as a central APP or in a visualization. The important thing is that you have comfortable and user-friendly access to your systems.

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